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Nationality is an endless puzzle because British nationality law has changed so many times over the years. We have different rules for those born prior to 1 January 1983, those born between 1 January 1983 and 1 July 2006, and those born after 1 July 2006.


The question “Am I entitled to British citizenship?” can throw up a complex investigation into a person’s nationality status.  Equally, a good application is one where we can find and prove a straightforward answer to that question.

Nationality Applications


Just being given a clear direction can be a huge relief in itself: a great outcome is the ultimate goal

Being born in the UK does not necessarily make a person British.  There are many other details and circumstances that have to be taken into account to determine whether a person is British from birth or eligible for British nationality in some other, more obscure, way.  Other factors to be considered are:


  • When and where a person was born,
  • The immigration status of their parents
  • Whether either parent was/is British
  • How a British parent obtained British nationality.


Most recently we can take into account such factors as whether the parents were married at the time of the person’s birth for those born overseas.

Am I entitled to British citizenship?​

Am I entitled to British citizenship?​
Am I entitled to British citizenship?​

The 180-day absence rule doesn’t apply to people with a spouse or partner visa​

Immigration appeals are much more likely to succeed if there’s an oral hearing​


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