What does the future hold?


The UK Government currently has no power to make changes to these rules but the future is uncertain. We are there to help make these applications successful with professional advice early on.

EEA Applications


There are special rules surrounding the rights of EU citizens and their non EU partners coming to the UK.

European Law

These are complex rules, as these things always are, but can  be very complex but we are here for you and your family.



As an example, workers have rights and the definitions of ‘worker’ are numerous.


Taking each application on a unique case by case basis, we can assist you with your European applications, residence cards and other applications which fall outside the usual visa and internal UK routes.

John Atkins | Exclusively Immigration

The 180-day absence rule doesn’t apply to people with a spouse or partner visa​

Immigration appeals are much more likely to succeed if there’s an oral hearing​


John Atkins | Exclusively Immigration
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John Atkins | Exclusively Immigration

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